Free Training Course
Course Outline

Here's the Java Mission Control training course outline and a link to all of the exercises.

Course Outline

Lab 1: Getting Started
Get Started Java Mission Control

Get the software you need to run JMC and JFR.

Install JMC

Lab 2: The Flight Recorder
JDK JVM Flight Recorder Example

Learn how to create Java Flight Recorder files and explore the results.

Flight Recorder

Lab 2b: Performance Troubleshooting
pass UiPath Associate Exam

Identify poor Java programming choices that hurt performance.


Lab 3: Java Latency Problems
Java latency issues

See how bad log method syncs lead to low latency Java problems.

Java Latency

Lab 4: Garbage Collection
Java Garbage Collection

Here's how to learn about how Java GC impacts performance.

Java GC

Lab 5: Java Memory Leaks
Java Memory Leaks

Learn how to identify and fix a memory leak in your JVM.

Memory Leaks

Lab 6: WebLogic, JMC and JFR
Profile WebLogic in Java Mission Control

Explore how custom JFR events in WebLogic provide extra profiling data.


Lab 7: JavaFX Profiling
JavaFX Flight Recorder Profile

Learn how to profile JavaFX applications with Mission Control and Flight Recorder.

JavaFX and JFR

Lab 8: Exception Analysis
Profile Exceptions

Here's how to analyse thrown Exceptions in Java Mission Control.


Lab 9: Custom JFR Events
Custom Events Flight Recorder

Here's how to create custom Java Flight Recorder events.

Custom Events

Lab: Custom JMC Rules
uipath tutorials

How to create custom rules for Flight Recorder and Mission Control.

Custom Rules

Part: Pages & Filters
uipath cert prep

Use filters to create custom pages to view Flight Recorder data in Mission Control.

Pages & Filters

Lab: MBeans Browser
JMX MBeans

Use the Mission Control Management Console to browse available MBeans.

MBeans Browser

Lab: Heap Waste Analysis
uipath tutorials

Explore Mission Control's new Heap Waste Analysis Tool.

Heap Waste

uipath tutorials

Learn about the JDK's Diagnostic Command (JCMD).


Java Mission Control & Flight Recorder Tutorial