JavaFX, JVM Flight Recorder and Mission Control

In this exercise, we will explore the Java FX integration with JDK Flight Recorder. Use the GUIMark launcher to launch the GUIMark Bitmap benchmark application. You should see a tower shooting a laser at monsters.

javafx application lasers

We will use a pre-recorded recording for this exercise, 06_JFR_JavaFX/guimark.jfr , so you starting GUIMark was mostly pointless. But, come on – lasers? Monsters? It had to be seen.

Run GUIMark in Flight Recorder

Note: If you insist on having a locally produced recording, it is better to run the GUIMark Auto Record launcher. If you insist on not using the auto recording launcher, make sure to enable the JavaFX events in the recording wizard, or import the template in the project folder.

eclipse jmc jfr javafx

JavaFX Performance Profile

Try looking at the recording using the special Java FX page. Can you tell which pulse took the longest time (disregard the weird pulse 0)? What phase was the one that took the longest for that particular pulse? Which was the input event that took the longest?

eclipse jmc jfr javafx pulse