Install Mission Control Eclipse Plugin

Hey I’m Cameron McKenzie @cameronmcnz on Twitter and I want to talk to you about Mission Control
and specifically getting that Mission Control plug-in in Eclipse. If you’re in Eclipse the
only plugin you can install right now is version 6 which is Oracle’s which requires a commercial
license. I’m going to show you how to get the open source AdoptOpenJDK plugin installed so
you don’t need that commercial license at all. Right now if you try and install Java Mission
Control in Eclipse you’ll be installing version 6 which is Oracle owned and doesn’t allow you to
do Java Flight Recordings unless you have a commercial license, so the best way to
get the latest version of Java Mission Control is to build it from OpenJDK. That might sound
intimidating, but if you’ve got Apache Maven and Git installed it’s not that hard. All you
have to do is go over to the Java Mission Control Github repository, it’s not on Mercurial anymore,
it’s over on GitHub, and copy that URL. You’ll see the green button there you copy the GitHub URL
and then you come to a folder on your local file system. I’ve got a folder here called tutorial I’m
going to open up the Git BASH shell then I’m just going to clone that repository. Just git clone
that repository url in there and all of a sudden that repo will get cloned to my local machine. Now
there’s a couple of interesting folders inside of this repo, one of them is this ‘releng’
third party folder. There’s a bunch of third-party libraries that you need to build in order to get
the Java Mission Control Java Flight Recorder plug-in working,

Build Mission Control with Maven

you have to come into this folder here and then you just do a quick mvn
p2:site which is going to kind of set up a whole website that’s going to host a Maven repository
with all these third-party libraries. The core build of the java mission control java flight
recorder tooling is going to need so yeah so that command was maven p2:site now I’m actually just
going to hope this hosts that site on jetty so I say jetty:run and this is all configured to host a
maven repository on localhost:8080 which is going to give the core build of java mission control
java flight recorder eclipse plug-in access to the third-party libraries that it needs okay so you
leave this open right now there’s a jetty server running on localhost 8080. You’ve got to leave
that open if you close that window that’s going to stop the server and that’s going to stop your
maven build what we need to do is we need to go into this jmc folder again that’s where we did the
clone and we have to go into this core folder and from this core folder we need to do another
build again so I go get bash here and then what are we going to do we’re going to do a
maven clean install and the install command covers compile test and package so it’s going to
compile the code run some tests and then package all of the core stuff up into appropriate jar
files and you can see in the output there it actually says that certain jar files are being generated

Package the Java Mission Control Plugin

okay and once all of that succeeds I need to move from that
core folder cd dot dot down to the base JMC folder you can see I move folders there and then
the last command I need to do is maven package which is going to take everything that’s been
built in that previous maven install and then slice and dice and package it up into the various
jar files that I need one of those jar files is going to be the Java flight recorder maven plugin And there we go the build has completed and there’s a very special file that’s
been placed on the folder system so I’m going to go back to JMC here
you’ll see this folder called application I’m going to dig right down org open JDK JMC
update site where is it jmc or it’s alphabetical so you would be at the bottom there it is right there inside that target folder and there we see the org
open jdk ups update site ide that is the java flight recorder eclipse plugin version 8 that
needs to be installed in eclipse so what we do is we head over to eclipse I go help

eclipse jmc garbage collection

Install JMC Eclipse Plugin

I go install new software and then I click add and I say I want to add from an archive now I’m
going to go and find that thing again where is it it was over in c tutorials not temp but tutorials JMC applications right at don’t drag right at the bottom
under update site ide target and right there is the java flight recorder java mission control
eclipse plugin i click open to install it i click add there’s a few options here I’m going to select
all three click next click finish accept any of the license agreements that might be required
click finish that’s going to take a moment to install and then i need to reboot my eclipse ide
i’m going to install even though the software might not be signed i will restart now
and now that java mission control eclipse plugin should be installed and ready for use on reboot and there it is right over here we can actually see the java mission control icon
it’s asking me if i want to open up my firewalls I will allow access then I can create a new
connection even go on to something local I think I’ve actually still got that jetty server running
right there so i can start a flight recorder and maybe record for I don’t know one minute
and now you can actually see the flight recorder is happening and in one minute

Eclipse Plugin and Java Flight Recorder

will actually have my first flight recording that I can look at with mission control and there you go we actually can see the flight recorder analysis here we can take a look it looks
like I’ve got too many processes running on my machine you can take a look at the memory that
was used if there was any garbage collection that happened or class loading all the threads
that were in use and were blocked the memory the file socket i o and everything like that and there
you go that’s how you get the java flight recorder java mission control plug-in installed in eclipse
and there you go that’s how you install java mission control in eclipse now if
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