Introduction to Java’s JDK Mission Control (JMC)

Introduction to Java’s JVM Flight Recorder (JFR)

JMC and JFR vs Other JVM Tools

  • VisualVM
  • jcmd
  • JConsole
  • jstat

Profiling the JVM with JMC and JFR

How to install Java Mission Control How to build and configure the JMC Eclipse plugin 3 most common ways to start a JFR recording JVM Profiling Strategies

  • CPU Profiling
  • Wall-clock profiling
  • Allocation Profiling
  • Stop the World Thread Lock Profiling
  • Stack, Heap and Dump Profiling

Common JVM Performance issues and how to identify them

  • Latency Issues
  • CPU Over-utilization
  • Memory leaks
  • Programming mistakes
  • Exception Handling

Advanced Topics

  • Filtering JMC results
  • How to use the JMC API
  • How to create custom rules
  • Start and stop JFR within a program
  • Heap waste analysis
  • JCMD, the Java Diagnostic Command and JMC
  • Monitoring vs Profiling

Performance and Profiling Best Practices