JDK Mission Control Tutorial

This tutorial provides plenty of examples and material to help you learn JDK Mission Control (7+).


Since it is not practical to pre-package everything required to run the material here at GitHub, there are some preparations required before starting the Tutorial.

Setting up the JDK

You will need to have a JDK 11 or later to do this tutorial. You can either use the Oracle JDK or any OpenJDK build, for example the one provided by Oracle.

You will need to ensure that java for your JDK is on your path, and you should also make sure that your JAVA_HOME variable is set to the parent folder of the bin folder containing your java binary.

Getting the stand alone version of JMC

The open source version of JMC has not been released yet, but early access builds can be downloaded from here: http://jdk.java.net/jmc